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And all your other most pressing questions for adult film legend Tasha Reign. Once a week then, Tasha will select a few of these questions and grace us with her insight, advice and expert wisdom in the hopes that she can help you fuck and love long, too.

How, then, would you go about finding one? Personally, I love age differences. Like, much older — year-old men, year-old men, old, old men! And for good reason — older people are usually attractive, funny, decisive, smart, financially stable and more mature. Older people are hot. But, my year-old boyfriend definitely makes me feel young.

I love it. Mainstream dating apps are lacking in the older women department, and while there are definitely a few on there — especially on Seeking Arrangement — I think the ever-changing demands of technology scares off most of them that, or they grew up meeting dates IRL and prefer that to swiping.

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That said, there are some cougar-specific dating apps and sites you might want to check out like Cougar D and CougarLife. There are also a ton of restaurants and bars that have cougar nights. As for how you can make an impression? Just be yourself, because that playful energy is what older women who are interested in younger men are attracted to.

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Make sure you compliment them and make them feel beautiful, too. At the same time, be very upfront with your intentions. I once dated a year-old when I was 27 not that big of a difference, but still. He should absolutely stop name-dropping these women. Exes are in the past for a reason and stories are great, but why get so personal and why always bring them up?

Even after you expressed to him that it bothered you, he still persists?

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Not okay. This is bad behavior that needs to be dealt with. Personally, I know that bringing up exes to my current boyfriend really pisses him off. It sounds to me like you need to have a sit down with this man and set some boundaries. Gas-lighting you by saying it was 10 years ago is even more annoying, so he can either respect your feelings about this or he can get gone. Once, I dated a man that thought it was okay to bring his female friends with us to social events.

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What a bunch of bullshit. Other times people are just stuck in their own ways, and you need to go forward without them. But a few days ago, I had this electrifying and tense moment of eye contact with a male friend of mine, who is also straight. It sent shivers down my spine and left me kind of speechless. Now, whenever I see him, I get nervous and giddy. What should I do? I once had a bestie that was the sexiest woman ever. Just soooo fierce. Needless to say, I started having secret feelings for her.

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We often did scenes together and developed a strange co-dependent relationship. It bred resentment, and to this day, I feel badly about the way things ended: a screaming match in an upscale Mexican restaurant where I stormed out and even stole back her birthday present. But, if your feelings get stronger or things evolve between you during that time, then fuck it! Bring it up.

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Maybe start the conversation by tip-toeing into the topic of bisexuality so you can get a sense of where your friend stands on same-sex attraction. If you want this experience to open the door to you coming out as gay, bi or something else, great! You can be a straight dude and get a little boner for a guy every now and then. It only means as much as you want it to. Fe el free to send me your sex, love and relationship questions at [ protected]! Tasha Reign is an adult actress and patron of the art of dating, love, and everything sex related.

She has given a decade of her life to the sex industry and gone on enough dates for all of Los Angeles combined. Ask her your questions and she'll do personal research to provide her best answers. She can be reached at [ protected]. Tasha Reign Tasha Reign is an adult actress and patron of the art of dating, love, and everything sex related.

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Woman seeking stud

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