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But the rules of marriage were forever changed for Kyle, a stay-at-home dad, and his wife, Hope, a psychotherapist, when they decided to open their marriage to other romantic and sexual partners. Kyle, 42, prides himself on being a loving husband, and he wanted to make sure another man would treat his wife respectfully, tenderly even, during sex. Their sex life must be bad. But the answer—they swear—is no, no, and no.

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Kyle and Hope have been married ten years. They have two little boys, a nice home in Alexandria, and a close relationship. They have sex no more than any other couple chasing around two kids does, but they are in love. Which is why Kyle was hesitant to open their marriage when Hope suggested it. Life with her was so good—why risk mucking it up by involving other people? Still, he was intrigued. He struggled in the beginning. Suddenly he was back to standing awkwardly at parties trying to make conversation with women. He tried to remember how to flirt: Use your quick wit. Listen more than talk.

Show friendly body language. Then he met Jane—a five-foot-ten, curvy woman with dirty-blond hair—at a party for polyamorous people. On their first date, Kyle took her to a Japanese steakhouse near her home. They made out in the car afterward, then went home to their respective families. Hope encouraged Kyle; she really liked Jane. A few months after Kyle met his new girlfriend, they started Friday-night sleepovers.

He might give Jane a quick peck on the lips when she arrives, but nothing more until the kids Polyamorous interest femlez seeking asleep. Anya runs off with his seven-year-old. After Kyle and Jane put the kids to bed, the two of them make dinner, catch up on their week, watch a movie.

Simply put, they tell them that their friend—Anya—is coming for a sleepover. The kids are so excited, he says. If I wanted sex, I had to get it from her. But when we could sleep with anyone, sex was no longer a reason to stay together. For a little while, this made me feel adrift—it was scary to let go of that bond.

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Suddenly, we were asking ourselves: Why am I with this person now, if not for sex? We have children together. We built a life together. Sex is just one aspect of why we stay together. And sex is only one reason why couples practice polyamory.

Polyamorous couples want long-term relationships with other people, not just one-night stands. He raised four children as an evangelical Christian, but after cheating on his wife, he decided there had to be a better model for marriage.

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Olivia worked in international relations. She was smart, beautiful, successful. Jonah and Olivia married a year later, and they opened their union up to other people soon after. My other relationships are like a bonus. Many poly couples express a similar sentiment: Having more than one partner can make you feel more fulfilled, with each person nurturing a different aspect of your personality. Elisabeth Sheff, a sociologist and author of The Polyamorists Next Door, who has been studying polyamorous families for a decade, says there were groups in the US practicing free love as an alternative to monogamy as early as the s.

The freedom gained was squelched when the AIDS epidemic hit in the s. Last year, Showtime aired seven episodes of a reality show about two polyamorous couples in California, called Polyamory: Married and Dating. Season two premieres on August And Illig says that poly social groups have seen a spike in members in recent years. At the same time, local couples say polyamory provides an escape from the social trappings of Washington. That is, unless the Joneses want a one-night stand. In the poly community, people meet up to have a good time.

I knew someone for over three years before I even knew what he did, and I was shocked by how high up in government he was. As I reported this story, one question kept coming to mind: Why do these couples get married at all? Why not just stay single and date multiple people? Imagine coming home giddy from a great first date only to find your husband just got his heart broken by a girlfriend. Many polyamorous people were ly in miserable monogamous marriages and turned to polyamory because it seemed a more realistic alternative. Other couples spent years together before deciding to open their relationship.

Some had low self-esteem in their younger years and use polyamory to feel more desirable to their spouse, now that others have shown interest in them. They think polyamory is going to be out of their wildest dreams: They can sleep with whomever they want, go on dates with other people, and still go home to their wife for dinner every night and snuggle on the couch in sweats.

Or they find polyamory too complicated. Females tend to enjoy developing emotional connections with other partners more than men do, and they like the leverage it gives them in their marriage. Child care tends to be shared more equally because both partners are suddenly scheduling dates on a social calendar.

Plus, women have the pick of the litter because there are fewer polyamorous women than men. This is great. They were married in and decided to try swinging several years later. I would do anything for her.

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I felt these sexual feelings for other women, and I wanted to be honest with her about that. The couple grew close to some of their swinging partners and soon found themselves emotionally entangled in long-term relationships with them.

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Recently, Rourke has grown disenchanted with the lifestyle. He feels depressed every time his wife makes plans with her boyfriend. He knows his wife is in love with her current boyfriend, and he also knows they have great sex. A small gesture, but it makes Rourke feel crazed with jealousy. He and his wife made a deal years ago that their marriage would always come first—before any other partners. Every polyamorous couple has rules, a set of boundaries spelled out by both partners.

Changing the sheets after sharing Polyamorous interest femlez seeking marital bed with someone else is a given. Many like to know if their spouse has a new boyfriend or girlfriend; they often want to meet the person. Jonah and Olivia have been polyamorous for a few years, but he made a misstep that taught them how fragile an open marriage can be. It always ends with somebody getting hurt. He wanted Olivia to meet her. Olivia was upset—she said the woman was nice enough but there was no one to vouch for her ability to carry on poly relationships.

It made the woman a wild card, so Olivia asked her husband to end it. For some poly couples, the only rule is to wear a condom. Jesse, an IT consultant in Reston who has been in open relationships for years, got married in to Lily, who is also polyamorous.

Polyamorous interest femlez seeking

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