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Arguably, a man's ego is bigger and, more important, more fragile than that of his female counterpart.

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There's a certain unwritten code yes, one of thosethat women should follow when it comes to the male ego and how not to bruise, batter or beat it. Some are obvious like criticising his style of dress although some men deserve it or his hygiene again, some men deserve it.

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But there are some things women say and do that, they may honestly not know, only makes their man want to curl up in the foetal position and hide in a corner. Show him you can drive better than he can: If you move the car out of a tricky parking area while he stands there knowing he couldn't do the same, that will pinch him quite a bit.

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In general, unless the woman is a mechanic, a man doesn't want to know that a woman knows more than he does about cars. Reprogramme a gadget, solve a puzzle or complete some task he has been mulling over for months: Some men put much pressure on themselves to be 'Mr Fix It' and when the damsel who was supposed to benefit from the fixing ends up doing the fixing, it may cause discontent.

Tell him he's had too much to drink: Some men equate being a 'man' with being able to hold his liquor, whether it be whiskey, beer or rum.

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No man wants to hear "I think you should stop now" from a man much less a woman. Shows she can drink better than you: It's known that some men try to get women tipsy or at least 'feeling nice' so they can take them back to the house for the horizontal mambo.

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But if he's the one having trouble walking steadily, not only has his plan failed but he now looks like the weaker sex. Double whammy! Constantly reminding him about the same mistake he made only once: Nobody likes to remember mistakes, so repeating it by saying "don't do this because remember what happened the last time" is equivalent to driving a pylon into his skull with a hammer. If you predict a sporting outcome correctly while he got it totally wrong: There are some things that men expect they know better than women and sports is definitely one of them.

So when she got the football score right, including the scoreline, the guy may mark it down to 'luck' but that doesn't mean he'll take it well. If you beat him at dominoes: Arguably the most macho sport that doesn't involve a ball, a man will be more likely to take the dreaded from another guy than from a woman!

Tell him what your friends got as presents: He doesn't want to know, quite frankly, especially if their gifts were more expensive, more exciting and better presented. Arguably the -one ego killer, compare him to other men you've been with in bed: End of story!

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Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter We all have egos, it's just that some egos are decidedly bigger than others.

Looking for Daviot man for sex

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