Ireland text or snapchat friends only

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Snapchat added a new feature to their service on Thursday in Ireland and UK where users of the app can create their own lens. This will give all Snapchatters the option to create their own custom AR Face Lens and make it available over a certain area so their friends and family can use it at a celebration like a birthday party or wedding. It's been a busy year for Snapchat after Q3 earnings for were not what they had hoped for. They added a total of 4.

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Not bad, but far below the expected eight million they'd predicted to add. This encouraged a major rede that was rolled out in recent weeks, which hasn't gone down well with a lot of users.

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But, people don't like change so any major rede was bound to ruffle a few feathers, and it seems more than likely at this stage that the update is here to stay, with just minor tweaks based on user feedback. Despite the sometimes negative coverage of the app, Snapchat are likely to be still relatively happy with their position in the market.

Snapchat was the second most downloaded app in the App Store inwhile it's parent company Snap also owns Bitmoji, which was the most downloaded app last year.

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Ireland text or snapchat friends only

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