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She received her bachelors in meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, with minors in broadcasting. These internships taught her the ins and outs of weather coverage, and also allowed her to spend hours on the green screen. In addition to holding internships throughout college, Leah Hill also served in leadership roles for many of the School of Meteorology clubs. She served as shift leader, Vice President, and Director of Operations for the Oklahoma Weather Lab, a student run forecasting organization. She was a leading member of the School of Meteorology mentoring program.

If that was not enough, she also was an active member of OU Nightly, the campus TV station, which gave her four years of on screen experience. Before developing her passion for weather, Leah Hill was terrified of thunderstorms. It was not until her eighth grade science class, where she learned the basics of meteorology, that her fear turned into a passion. From that moment onward she was dedicated to science, and knew this was her dream career. On Your Side.

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Ozarks Sports Zone. Submit a Story Idea or News Tip. Great Health Divide. Gas Buddy. Taste Of The Ozarks. Leigh's Lost and Found. Try Before You Buy. National Map. About KY3. Meet the Team. Job Openings. Submit Photos and Videos. Gray DC Bureau. Investigate TV. Latest Newscasts. Special Weather Statement is in effect. Dismiss Weather Alerts Alerts Bar. Leah Hill. Meteorologist Springfield, MO.

Education University of Oklahoma, Meteorology, Updated: 3 hours ago. By Leah Hill. Locally heavy downpours possible. Updated: Sep. As we head into the first week of October, you may be thinking about buying your pumpkins. Watch your step! Copperhe are more active in the Ozarks. As the temperatures cool, copperhe become more active in the late afternoon and early evening. Springfield veterinarian offers tips for preventing seasonal dog allergies.

Allergies in dogs are just as common as allergies in people.

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During the transition months of fall and spring, allergies can become worse. New fiber optic lines will provide better internet to rural SWMO communities. Gascosage Electric Cooperative will be offering high speed internet to some of their customers.

Sonic Boom: How to know if your property is covered from damages. Test flights of F air crafts lead to reports of loud booms around the Ozarks. Ava, Mo. Since this past spring, Clarke Shaw has been delivering flowers to hospitals all around the Ozarks. If you look up into the trees you may already see hints of changing colors. September 1st marks the unofficial start of fall, but severe and hazardous weather can happen any time of the year. Avoiding foodborne illnesses this Labor Day weekend. Have a safe Labor Day weekend, whether you are at the pool, boating, or grilling.

Hay balers around the Ozarks celebrate ideal summer weather. Updated: Aug. City of Springfield ordinance protects outdoor dogs. The City of Springfield has an ordinance to protect dogs by outlining the care required.

Weather lovers wanted: National Weather Service adding to their observers program. The National Weather Service is looking to expand its network of observations. Bats around SWMO may be invading your home. After a two-year battle, Springfield resident Linda Tourville discovered a pest invading her home. The heat index rising! Springfield Public Schools turning to wet-bulb globe temperature. Practices are scheduled around the heat of the day. Watch out for these worms in your trees. It will not be long before our trees are laced with webworms. Missouri Department of Conservation sending crews to battle wildfires.

Crews responding to fires in Wyoming and California. Escape the heat with these family-friendly activities.

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Updated: Jul. Don't let the heat keep you from enjoying the outdoors. When severe weather is near, do not rely solely on outdoor warning sirens.

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Quick fixes during the heat to get your AC in tip top shape. The HVAC Companies are also working overtime, check your unit thoroughly before calling in the professionals. With a heat dome building overhead, the hot temps are making a comeback for the Ozarks.

The summer heat is catching up with us! Double check your lawn for this type of harmful Ozarks fungus. Brown patch fungus is easily mistaken for dead or dry grass. If you look closely, you can spot the difference. Springfield expert explains how to rid your yard of mosquitoes ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. Updated: Jun. Don't let mosquitoes crash your Fourth of July parties. When it is hot outside, medical professionals are warning you to stay indoors and keep cool.

But for hay farmers, the heat is just what the doctor ordered. Temps are rising: Tips for how to prepare for the summer heat in the Ozarks. Take breaks in the shade, our bodies aren't used to the heat yet. Stay cool this summer while saving money on your utility bill. Bolivar community picking up the pieces after two tornadoes confirmed. Updated: May. Severe storms produced two tornadoes in Bolivar, MO. A look back at the conditions which created the Joplin tornado.

City of Nixa, Mo. Mulch or bag the clippings up. May weather events and historical dates. From upcoming events to historical weather events. Starlink satellites passed over the Ozarks last night. April may have the lowest tornado count in 20 years.

April was a quiet month for severe weather across the United States. Roaring River State Park littered with debris after flooding, clean-up efforts underway. Updated: Apr. Farms in the Ozarks recover after bout with freezing temperatures. If you procrastinated planting this season, it may have saved your plants. Free school lunches through the school year. A rainbow is caused by sunlight reflecting off of water droplets or ice crystals in the atmosphere.

The National Weather service is conducting virtual damage surveys Thursday after severe storms ripped through Benton and Morgan counties Wednesday. Save your ticks! Missouri team is collecting samples for tick research. Ticks can be found just about anywhere in Missouri. Forestry explains its guidelines for controlled burn in Mark Twain National Forest. Updated: Mar. Texas county is not included in the warning and controlled burns went on as planned. Check for mold! Water from burst pipes and flooding is a prime spot for mold growth.

If the water was not properly cleaned after pipes bursting this year, or after flooding a few weeks ago, there may be mold already. Elusive mushrooms! The hunt begins for morels in the Ozarks. Spring is nearly here! Prepping your garden for a great season. Lightning strike wakes up Nixa families, shatters tree Wednesday morning.

While being inside will protect you from lightning, your home is still at risk.

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Wednesday morning storms cause damage in the Ozarks. Two rounds of severe weather hit the Ozarks Wednesday. As heavy rain falls, never underestimate the power of water; Pulaski County preps for flood risks. With heavy rain falling across the Ozarks, flood watches and warnings have been issued. With vaccinations in the U.

Hot Springfield girls

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