Greeley stampede tonight

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News News. After having to cancel inthe Greeley Stampede returned in with its 99th edition and arrived on the scene with all the action and energy it had before.

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I think it really means a lot to the community to have the Stampede back. It looked like people missed their rodeo.

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Beutler and Son have been the Greeley Stampede stock contractors for almost 40 years and the straight talking man at the helm of the company says what is on his mind. People want to get out and do it. Even with all the BS politics that are going on, people still love to come to a rodeo and we still love to put it on.

Louisiana bareback cowboy Taylor Broussard rode Black Kat to first place with a score of That it occurred aboard Black Kat was no surprise, since the midnight bucker has helped at least four other cowboys win titles in Greeley.

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That horse gave everything he had to me tonight. I felt like that was one of the best rides I have ever made in my life. Another arena record was nearly set in the steer wrestling, as Tyler Waquespack appeared to dive from his horse in order to win the Greeley buckle with a blistering time of 3. It turned out that diving stuff was all part of the plan. Told it was thought he may have set an arena record, but came up just short, Waquespack was still happy.

The victory was reason enough to be happy, but the Louisiana steer wrestler was also pleased just to have the chance to compete in a large rodeo.

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It is great that all these rodeo committees and the towns were able to get back going and everybody is out here having a good time. This is the first major event we have had in this area since early So this is the first time for a lot of people to be coming back out in the community and enjoying themselves again. That is how loud it has been. That is cool. When you are standing down here behind the chutes and you have the roar of the crowd and you have the ride and everybody is cheering, that is the Stampede. That is what makes this event magic. Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil.

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If you don't follow the rulesyour comment may be deleted. User Legend: Moderator Trusted User. Voting on the final day of September to raise the debt ceiling passed with the spending plan and reconciliation bill still looming.

The magic returns to historic Greeley Stampede 99th Greeley Stampede sees big rodeo action and great community response News News. And maybe more.

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Louisiana steer wrestler Tyler Waquespack won the title and nearly set an arena record after diving from his horse and stopping the timers in a blistering 3. The arena record in Greeley is 3. USDA deates 4 Nebraska counties as primary natural disaster areas. Congress passes CR, infrastructure vote still on calendar.

Greeley stampede tonight

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