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If you have been ordered to complete AOWP, the Court is providing you an opportunity to complete community service work instead of serving time in jail. Each participant must be able to perform manual labor to participate in AOWP; therefore, if you have a pre-existing condition that prevents you from preforming manual labor, you may be denied acceptance.

Probation staff will determine your eligibility for the program after an initial intake fee is paid for an interview. If accepted, a minimal fee is charged for each day of participation in the program.

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Probation has many worksites available to choose from and staff make every effort to locate a site that is appropriate and suitable for each participant that best meets their needs. If you have been ordered to complete EM, the Court is providing you an opportunity to remain in your home instead of serving time in jail.

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You must have been ordered by the Court to serve more than 30 days of custody time to be eligible and you do not have to have a landline to participate in EM, a cell phone is acceptable. If accepted on EM, restrictions will be established on your movement to and from your home based on your specific schedule for school or work.

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SCRAM of California monitors the movement of participants to and from the home and alerts Probation staff whenever there is a violation from the schedule. Each participant will be provided with a schedule prior to placement on the program.

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Violations of the schedule could result in the participant being removed from the program, arrested or returned to Court. Please see below link for Frequently Asked Questions.

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