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So how does a woman know when a man is ready for marriage? And how may a man know that himself? Read on to find out my five important s that a man is ready for the ultimate long term commitment of the Sacrament of Marriage. A sure that a man is ready for marriage is that he has discarded his bad habits. A man ready for marriage cannot take his boyish ways into the vocation with him. A maturation must take place.

Before my brother got married, he had a ificant drinking habit. He recognized that this was a habit that he could not bring into the marriage. I was recently at an event where there were a lot of prominent men and their families in the room. There was a lot of networking and mingling going on and couples would be brought forward and introduced to one another.

The husbands were sensitive, in a right way, to what their wives might think and feel, and were subtly prioritizing them over the demands of the social interaction.

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When a man gets married, he is not only gaining a wife, but he is also taking on the vocation of a husband and a father. It is a clear cut change from his old life, a complete taking on of a new identity. So a man who is ready for marriage is also ready to utterly embrace that new identity. This new identity comes with a certain authority, that of the authority of a father.

A man ready for marriage is ready to become Christlike, and to lay down his life for his wife in the same way that Christ laid down His life for the Church. When a man gets married even the purpose of his job and his work evolves. His career is no longer just about him. Instead, a deeper sense of providing develops. We can see here again the relevance of the Ephesians quote.

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He does not lord it over his wife, but instead he has a sense of service, a new mission, which is to protect and serve his bride and to bring forth life into the world. This sense of mission harks back to the classical notion of the chivalrous knight who wins the lady and travels far and wide to kill the dragon that plagues her. In real life, this kind of grand mission is distilled into the service of every-day life, but it requires an attitude that is no less important than the myths and legends of protective masculinity.

It is an attitude that is an important quality of any man who is ready to embrace marriage. Of course, discernment needs to take place. The couple need to know if they are called to marriage and if they are called to marriage with each other. But once the commitment has been made to the relationship there should be a sense that the man should love the woman as she is. It is grounded on the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

It is this unconditional love that a husband is called to replicate towards his wife.

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But the most important thing is that each spouse loves the other just the way they are. That is what a woman really needs to look for in a husband: someone to love her for who she is and not to turn her into a project. A man ready for marriage will know the love and mercy of God in his own life, and will be willing to replicate that towards his spouse. When we enter into marriage we enter into our vocation! All the qualities mentioned about are the path to holiness: they are the way to heaven, and we should always hold that destination before our gaze.

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4 s that a man's ready for marriage — and 4 that he's not